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Today’s world is fast moving and wrapped up by social media. The norm is a deluge of high frequency but low value interactions. Thinking slow attempts to prioritise quality over quantity. In our professional roles we are used to the idea that financial statements (and environmental performance) is heavily dependent on assumptions. This covers; goodwill, property valuations, scope 2 carbon emissions and may other indicators. One lesson one we learned is that you have to be sure about the basis of preparation for numbers before making any conclusions. Our law of assumptions is that the less defensible they are then the deeper they will be buried.

We have produced a series of papers and videos analysing the models and the ‘Science’ behind the claims made in COVID-19. We hope you will find our papers, videos and resources interesting..

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Following the science or ignoring the science….

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“The Great Reset”

Why don’t government rules make sense?
COVID-19 – the excuse for the destruction of neoliberalism….

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“Houston We Have a Problem… With Fake News”

Analysis of hospital capacity and first look at who is trying to extend lockdown and why (Great Reset)..…

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“Media Panic Over Florida Cases”

Analysis showing peak cases = peak testing, recent cases rate is falling and that health system is very unlikely to be overwhelmed..…

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13 Years of Life Lost – 13YLL from COVID-19

A look into the estimates of the years of life lost due to COVID-19 according to the Science published on….

“COVID-19 – Scientific data”

Our paper that look’s into the Science behind the modelling used to justify the lockdown under COVID-19….

“The Black Box – Science or Science Fiction – COVID-19”

Our paper that look’s into why the number of COVID-19 deaths to cases is so high in the UK , why new ICU capacity is under-utilised and what could be causing non COVID -19 related deaths…

“Dying from and with COVID-19”

Our paper that look’s into why the number of COVID-19 deaths to cases is so high in the UK, the difference between dying with COVID-19 and dying from COVID-19…

“IRAN” – Fear mongering over a second wave in Iran

Our latest paper that debunks a recent article by the Guardian about Irans rapid rise in COVID-19 cases and stokes fears of a second wave.

Formal Complaint to the FT on COVID-19 coverage

Our formal complaint to the Financial Times concerning their coverage of Covid-19 and two alleged breaches of the IPSO Editor’s code of Practice.

Our latest Videos

COVID-19 – The Black Box series – Parts 1 -3

This looks at the IC modelling and science behind the maths used to determine the basis for the lockdown

COVID-19 The Black Box Part 1

Part 1 of the 3 part video series, looking at the IC models and how fundamental errors where made in the modelling, making the outcome more Science Fiction than Science…

COVID-19 The Black Box Part 2

Part 2 of the 3 part video series looking at IC Models

COVID-19 The Black Box Part 3

Part 2 of the 3 part video series looking at IC Models

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