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We started our COVID journey in March when we realised that the 510,000 deaths estimate produced by Imperial College for an unmitigated pandemic was not supported by actual data (Diamond Princess). In the fullness of time, we are certain that the COVID-19 episode will be seen as the most destructive overreaction to a perceived threat in history.

Initially, we expected a quick change in policy to happen as it became clear that the perceived threat was overestimated. However, almost the opposite happened, policies got harsher and now continue well into 2020.

Even as non-medical people, we also understood that the deaths count was being deliberately inflated and that the cases count was close to meaningless. In short, officialdom has lied about almost every aspect of COVID, all the time causing significant non-COVID deaths (over 20 thousand excess deaths at home in England) and cratering the economy.

We understand Hanlon’s razor – the basic principle being that most poor outcomes can be attributed to incompetence rather than malice. We believe that to a large extent this is the case with the COVID response. Having said that, there are clearly agendas that have been grafted onto the pandemic.

A key issue has been to massively over-exaggerate the threat of a virus with an infection fatality ratio (IFR) 0.2% in order to create the necessary panic to implement policies that would otherwise be wholly unacceptable.

The videos and materials below moves through our very extensive research process, more or less from start (bottom) to finish (top). The two key videos are “explaining the inexplicable” which runs through the time series of seemingly unconnected mistakes through to the identification of lobby groups that either wished to dismantle neo-liberalism in the UK or otherwise see positive outcomes from lockdown policies. With that knowledge we re-run the series of random mistakes to create a plausible narrative.

The second video “would I lie to you” goes through agendas that have existed well before COVID came along, particularly the radical green agenda of closing large sections of the economy in order to reduce CO2. The video also covers the panic that has been deliberately created, particularly the endless overflowing hospital stories – every one we checked was a lie (see individual cases Houtson and Florida below). We also identify the key Twitter accounts that circulate these misleading stories.

The slide show looks at the trading activities of one LLC over the 2020 period to show that whilst many of us see savings wiped out and job prospects evaporate, others have fared significantly better.

We have in addition put together an essay that walks through the interest groups that may be pro-lockdown “are these guys conspiracy theory nuts”.

The other earlier papers are self-explanatory.

We are a small team and happy to hear from anyone who is willing to assist in our work. We are generally apolitical and rely primarily on data and logical conclusions. If you wish to contact us we are on thinkingslow1@gmail.com. We will shortly open a modest fundraiser with the aim of covering costs.

We think 2020/21 will be the most important period of radical change we have seen for a very long time (artificially created), we believe we are facing a choice between being effectively digital surfs whose lives are planned by an unelected oligarchy in Davos (and elsewhere), or to continue as free citizens advancing in a liberal democracy. That may sound like hyperbole, but we genuinely believe that is the choice in front of us and have compressed many thousands of hours of research into short videos in the hope of waking people up to the seriousness of the choice in front of them.

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