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Early on in our research we identified a clear trend that anybody who questioned “the science” was generally not allowed on the BBC or reported in main stream media (MSM).  Even senior and distinguished scientists and epidemiologists like Sucharit Bhakdi,  Johan Giesecke, Michael Levitt, John Lee, Sunetra Gupta and others had to express their views through alternative media.  In this respect was able to bring us some many interviews.

We realised there was no such thing as “the science” and that the BBC had no intention of complying with its impartiality requirements.  “The science” was achieved by ignoring alternate views, which were generally significantly more credible than the official deadly killer virus presentation.  We subsequently found the minutes from the SAGE SPI-B subgroup from 22nd March 2020 calling for “use media to increase sense of personal threat”.  It appears that misrepresenting the threat posed by the virus was (and perhaps remains) official policy.  To provide some balance to the one-sided MSM narrative, we have gathered the data sources that helped us arrive at the conclusions that a) the fatality of the virus was and continues to be significantly overstated (to be clear, it is still a deadly virus) b) there never was and still isn’t any evidence that lockdown helps.  In fact, we are convinced that lockdown is harmful and that the government and SAGE advisers have been negligent by not calculating the benefits (if any) AND the costs of lockdown.  This is a calculation that still has not been done.

We have tried to sort our sources into some sort of order, some of them go back to 2003, they are all relevant and interesting, for those that do not have the time to look at all of them, a short summary of our key impression, or key quote is provided below;

Imperial College model  
Original Imperial modelIn our view fundamentally flawed, growth trajectory not supported by actual data, not internally consistent, no basis for link between NPIs and reduction in cases/deaths, failure to consider any consequences of advice provided.
Calculations from Prof LevittShowing unmitigated epidemic 60,000 v 510,000 for Imperial College
Calculations from Prof LevittAnalysis showing rate of growth of cases/deaths declines much more rapidly than assumed by IC
Interview with Professor GieseckeIC model excessivley pessimistic and not a shred of evidence supporting assumptions over effects of NPI
Realistic assessment of IFRCentre for Evidence Based Medicine
Previous modelling disasters  
Public enquiry N1H1 – model prediction 750,000 v 475 actualExcessive reliance placed on modelling in early stages
Analysis of foot and mouth modelingThe UK experience provides a salutory warning of how models can be abused in the interests of scientific opportunism
Evidence on lockdown  
Interview with Professor GuptaLockdown in a luxury enjoyed by the middle classes and paid for by the poor and vulnerable
The original 2006 paper that first refuted lockdown“The negative consequences of large-scale quarantine are so extreme……that this mitigation measure should be eliminated from serious consideration”…
Misleading COVID death statistics  
Professor John LeeThe way ‘Covid deaths’ are being counted is a national scandal
Opening of schools  
French academic paperEvidence that child attending 3 schools did not spread the virus
Politics of SAGE members  
Book co-authored by SAGE member Stephen Reicher during the crisis.“we must sweep away a century of anti-collectivism”
Fake COVID news  
COVID reporting – advice from SAGE subcommitteeUse media to increase sense of personal threat[1]
Telegraph articleHeadline states that Sweden is worse than UK, Italy and others – this was based on a rate of change for a few days – the article includes a caveat at end showing article misleading
FT blogIndication that there is a statistical relationship between lockdown and deaths outcome
Video clip Kurachatov Institute (Russian)Director of Russia’s Kurchatov Institute describes role of WHO in supressing population
 Lock StepRockefeller Foundation funded research from 2010 (Lock Step), which predicts 2020 with amazing accuracy
Letter to MPKey points ahead of 14th December debate on vaccine

Guest Post “The Great Reset” By Toby Birch

Article from guest contributor Toby Birch, who brings in new dimension (modern monetary theory) into our research and adds a broad and deep perspective to The Great Reset.. You can read it by clicking here

Why lock downs are the wrong policy – Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke on UnHerd…

Impact of non COVID related deaths

Lockdown consequences relative to 1930’s Depression

Austria – Daily confirmed cases versus Government stringency index to 21st May 2020

Weekly excess cardiovascular disease and cancer deaths over 5 year average

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